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We have been fly fishing the Sacramento River in Redding, and the fishing is great. We will stay on the Sac until July when we start our spring run salmon season here on the Trinity. Looks like our limits this year will be 1 adult salmon and 1 jack (under 22").


The Trinity is fishing great this season, with plenty of rain more steelhead just keep moving through. Fish are being caught from Junction City to Lewiston on the normal winter paterns (stones and eggs). As it looks today the Trinity is the only river in our area not blown out.
Ive got a few days the week of Jan 18 open here on the Trinity, after that I plan on being on the Eel or other coastal river until mid Feb. Then back to the Trinity until March or until we dont catch fresh fish.

Good Fishing

November 14,2015

The Trinity river is fishing well even with the normal November crowds. We are hooking between 5 to 15 steelhead per day fly fishing. The flows are still quite low (350 cfs in Junction City) and visability is gin clear. Most of our fish have come on eggs, stones and small mayfly's in the afternoon.
We have open days in December and January, if you want to go fish give us a call,  email, or text. (530) 524-1136.
Good Fishing


The higher flows have brought us some fish! After a slow summer good numbers of King Salmon are showing in the upper river, and with the cooler water they are eating. Days open for salmon are Sept 3, 4, 6. After that I am booked for the fall salmon trips, but I do have some other guides that have a few days open. As for Steelhead fishing this fall I have 2 days open in October 17, 22.  Otherwise its the second week in December until I have any other open days.
Good fishing

Spring salmon fishing has been slow here on the Trinity. Last week our average was 1 King salmon in the boat per day with a few bonus wild Steelhead. The river flows are going to increase on the 15th of August for a tribal event. As I understand they will not drop back down to 450 cfs our normal summer flow but stay up around 1000 cfs to prevent a fish kill. This increase should send our fall fish up river a little sooner this year, so early September could be some great fishing.
Good Fishing


Steelhaed season is about over for us here on the Trinity River this season. Next up for us is trout fishing on the lower Sac in Redding, and spring run King Salmon in June and July here on the Trinity. We have dates open for both at this time. Call or email to get your dates.


The Steelhead fishing on the Trinity River has been great this fall. Lots of rain has blown out the river several times, each time bringing new fish into the system. The last few days we have only landed wild steelhead as our "winter wild run fish" are showing up.  In January 2015 we will be fishing for these big wild fish here on the Trinity. In Febuary 2015 we will be fishing the Eel River for even bigger winter run steelhead. We have open dates to fish both rivers.
See you on the water
If your looking for pictures go to:!/StevesTrinityGuideService

 The fall salmon have arrived to the upper river, fall steelhead are just behind them.
Days open in my boat this fall are:
Sept 30,
October 7,
December 15,17,18,23,29,30,31

Good fishing


Greetings fishermen,
Sorry for the lack of reports, we have been busy here on the Trinity.
The Spring run King Salmon started off great with limits of chromers around july 1. As the hot days of July and early August passed the fishing slowed as the river temps increased. We caught fish on every trip except one, so I wont complain too much, but it was slow. The weir counts have been less than 50 fish per week after the first couple weeks. So now we are in kind of a limbo between the spring and fall runs.
Water temps have been a major issue this year as our water controllers say they will not release emergency water to cool the river until AFTER their is a fish kill due to high water temps. Of course by then it will be too late to help the fish. So, will we have a fall run of King Salmon?
As of September 1, limits on kings will be one salmon per angler per day.
I will fish for kings (if they make it here) until mid October, after that we will be only fishing for steelhead through the end of season in March of 2015.
I only have a few days open this fall in my boat.
Open days in September are: 16,17,18,29,30
Open days in October are: 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,15,16,18,19
Open days in November are: 13,14,29,30
Open days in December are: 6, 8,15 thru 31
We do use other guides when things get busy or on multiple boat trips. If your day is not open on my calendar let me know and I can try one of our other guides.
Good fishing!

Happy Fathers Day
I will be fishing with Dad on fathers day. Hope all you dads can get out and wet a line also.
After talking to lots of fishermen, it seems most think the drought is effecting this seasons flows and King Salmon fishing. It's NOT. Next year we may have changes if we have another dry winter. The Trinity river will have normal summer flows this season. The release from Lewiston Dam will be 450 cfs ALL summer. The same flow as the last 10 years or more.
We are getting good reports of Spring run salmon moving up into the Hoopa reservation. Things are looking good for Salmon fishing here on the Trinity this season.
I have prime dates open in July and August. Give us a call or email and lets go fishing!

See you on the river!





Trinity River spring run King Salmon fishing will start in Mid to late June this season as the flows will be down to normal summer flows (450 cfs). Late June through the end of July have been the best dates historically. Limits are 2 king Salmon, and 2 hatchery steelhead per angler per day. A salmon report card and Steelhead report card are required to fish here on the Trinity.  

See you on the river!



We have Rain!! and Fish!

Even before the rain the Trinity River was fishing good, but the last few days have been epic! Fishing pressure is low, the fish are moving and eating just about everything we put in front of them. It looks like we are finally in a more normal steelhead weather pattern for the next week or so. We have open days, and plan on fishing through March.
Good fishing!


Happy New Year!

The Trinity river has been fishing good with a couple really good days thrown in.
The conditions have been tough with low clear water, but most days fly fishing we have hooked 5 - 8 Steelhead and a Brown Trout or two, per day. With about a 50% mix of wild vs hatchery Steelhead. Yesterday we fished bait for the first time in months and landed 9 adults to 32". Thats an awsome day Steelheading any where! We are getting some big fish this season, that over 30" Steelhead is quite possible on every drift. Today its raining,  just what the entire north state needs. Lets hope its enough rain to get some runoff into the river. Either way it will help the fishing.
We have open days, and now is the time. More pictures of big fish are sure to come.
Good fishing!



The brotherhood of river guides lost a great man this week. Gabe Duran passed in his sleep wednesday night. If you have fished the Trinity with me or any other guide you would know of him. Most of the guides are still in shock from the news, everyone loved Gabe. He was a great person and a great guide, you will be missed my friend!



Here on the Trinity River we are having freezing temps with lows in the single digits. We did get about 6" of dry snow last friday making for a cold day. It was my first day this season with ice in the guides ALL day. Unfortunately the snow has not changed the level or color of the river. The river still needs a bump in the flows to move some fish around. Overall fishing is tough, we have been catching a few but the ice makes it really hard to get good drifts, or cast for that matter. Most of the fish that are here seem to be in lockdown mode in the deeper salmon holes. Lets hope we get some rain soon.
December is now full in my boat, I have openings in January.
Good fishing



The Trinity got some much needed rain last week that produced some great fishing. My boat and many other guides had 20 fish days just after the rain. It was great seeing big schools of Coho and Steelhead moving up the river. Since the rain fishing is returning to the low clear conditions that make fishing tough, although we are catching some fish just not as many as last week. Morning temps have been in the mid 20's making casting very tough with ice in the guides, but we are steelheaders, and thats what its all about.
Im taking a few days off and doing the rain dance. We will be back on the river in December, and we have open days to fish.
Happy Thanksgiving

The Trinity river has been low and clear making fishing tough.  We didn't see the big push of fall run Kings or Steelhead that was predicted. Are they still out there? Who knows.
We do have up to 1.5"s of rain in todays forecast, lets hope that prediction is correct, we really need it. If we get this rain it will get the fish moving up river in good numbers. So our winter steelheading could be great real soon.
We have open days in December and into the new year.
Good fishing


Salmon fishing has ended for us here on the Trinity this season. We are now fishing for steelhead mostly with fly gear with good results. The huge run of fall steelhead and salmon never really made it into the upper river in the numbers that were predicted. They may show up any time, or not at all. Im sure if we were to get some weather more fish would move up into our stretch of river.
My next open days are in December if you want to go fishing.


Salmon fishing here on the Trinity is really slow. The last few trips have been only one or two bites a day at first light. The water temps are in the high 60's here in junction City and the fish have just stopped moving. The fish that are here just are not bitting. I have rescheduled my trips for the next week and will post a report when conditions change.



Last week Salmon fishing was great here on the Trinity, this week fishing has slowed down. The river is low and clear, the few fish that are around are real spooky and hard to catch. The last 2 days we boated 2 kings each day, today we only boated 1 wild steelhead, about 5 lbs. I guess we will just have to see what tomorrow brings.
Good fishing


Trinity River King Salmon are here! Our first King of the season came on the 15th of june. Since then it had been one here and one there with a steelhead or two each day. 
Monday was my first offical day and my clients boated 3 kings. We saw quite a few fish that day, most of them had it in high gear moving up river fast. King Salmon fishing here on the Trinity River should be great for the next 60 days, hope to see you. 
We have a couple open days in my boat july 26, 29, 30. And we have other guides available.
Fish on




Due to the lack of rain the Trinity River has fished fantastic in the last three weeks. We have caught fresh Steelhead, Brown Trout, and a few down runners on nymphs and dry’s every day. My best day in the last three weeks was 9 landed for 16 hooked by a single fly fisherman, which was his best day ever. The Caddis and March Browns are hatching like crazy all up and down the river giving us plenty of opportunities at big fish on dries.

The Trinity River Guides Association and The Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers had the opportunity to help out on a group trip with Project Healing Waters a fly fishing organization for disabled veterans. We had a good turnout of both guides and vets; the day was great fun as all the vets got into fish. It was a great chance for the guides to show their appreciation to the veterans for their service to our country. You can check them out at .

Today is opening day for the Fly only waters up in Lewiston, but honestly great fishing can be had on any stretch of the upper river with these hatches we have had.

Spring high flows will start in a couple weeks which will keep us off the river for a while. When the flow schedule is made public I will know when it’s safe to get back out there. Until then we will be fly fishing the lower Sac in Redding and preparing for spring run Salmon. As for Salmon fishing the predictions are we will have another great return of Kings this year. If you’re planning on Salmon fishing with us this year get your dates booked as we are filling up fast.

Fish On!




The last couple weeks have been good fishing for us here on the Trinity, even though the weather has been dry. We have been catching as many Browns as Steelhead in both the upper river and here in Junction City. With the March Brown hatch in the upper river we have even taken a few adults and Browns on Dry’s.  We are seeing plenty of “downrunners” making their way back to the ocean, which is a sign that the season is almost over.  But I know there are still more big winter run Steelhead that have not shown up, so this year we may have a few more weeks of good fishing.




The Trinity River is fishing great, we have caught fresh steelies everyday. All my trips have been with fly gear, most all the fish have been natives. We are catching some big fish up to and over 30 inches, most being in the 25 to 27 inch range. Other boat traffic has been minimal as some guides are fishing coastal rivers or other stretches of the Trinity. We have open days to fish next week.



After weeks of clear freezing days we finally have gotten some rain and color to the water. Before yesterday we were getting 1 to 6 fish a day, yesterday in high muddy water we hooked 7 with a single fisherman, all fresh wild fish. The next week should be great fishing as the water drops and clears. If you want to catch winter run wild steelhead now is the time. We have open dates to fish.

Fish on!




The Trinity has been frigid cold, but the fish are eating. A big storm hit last weekend fouling up the highway, our guys made it through and we had it to ourselves for three days. It was just like old times, just Mike’s boat and mine, but with more fish. Some of the big winter wild fish are starting to show up and the guides that are still here have pretty much spread out. So the next couple months should be great fishing. We have openings in January and February to chase these hogs.

Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year!



The Trinity blew out on Thursday evening just as we took off the river. Saturday night another huge storm dumped even more rain. So the river at Junction City is still high and muddy today. But looking at the graph the upper river (lewiston) is in shape as of now. We should be back out on the river here, by this weekend. And the forecast looks good for the next week. 
Fish On!




Steelhead fishing here on the Trinity River has slowed down a little. Were still catching fish everyday, just not as many as a couple weeks ago. Some of the fish were catching have been in the 28 - 30 " range about 9 to 10 lbs, really great fish. The egg bite is slowing for us as the King Salmon are about finished, most of our fish have come on stones or mayfly paterns. 12" of rain is expected in the next storm this week, if we get that much the river will blow out. After this storm there will be new fish moving in our stretch of river for next week. Thus the cycle of winter steelhead fishing.
Fish on!



Steelhead fishing here on the Trinity River is great. Most days we fight over 10 adults and some days over 20. There are still a few dark salmon around both Kings and Coho, but they are almost finished.
We have open days in December and January.
Fish on



Sorry again for the lack in reports, Ive been a busy guy.
September was great salmon fishing with most days over 10 fish landed. As October started the challenge was catching fresh Kings rather than the Springers that were ready to spawn, but a steady stream of fall fish just kept moving through. The big run of fall Salmon just keep coming, with lots of Steelhead in the mix. Yesterday I saw hundreds of Salmon moving up river through thin gravel bars mid day.
After having the river to myself all summer fishing for Salmon, Steelhead season is upon us. I did my last Salmon trip this week and will focus on fly fishing for Steelhead thru March 2013.
So far on our fly trips we have caught some nice Steelies , some Kings and a couple Coho. The egg bite has been great, with a few caught on nymphs.
I have a couple days open in November 19, 20 and the 26. And about 10 days in dec. 
We also have other guides available for other dates.
Good Fishing !







The salmon fishing here on the Trinity river is going great. We had the river blow out tuesday due to restoration work, so we only got half our float with fishable water. But yesterday the water was back to its normal gin clear and the bite was on. We ended up with the first 8 fish limit for 2 anglers of the season for my boat. As it looks now, and as predicted its only going to get better in the next couple weeks. Reports from the mouth of the Klamath are, "its silly with fish", the Yurok tribe reported catching 8 thousand fish in one day last week. Days open in my boat are sept 10,11,13 and, I had a cancellation in my boat for Sept 24,25 these will be great days to fish, and they wont last long.
Fish On!



We have been back out on the Trinity River with great results, every trip in the last week has been limits for our guest. We are seeing the springers turning dark, but we are also catching a few fresh fall fish too. The increase in flows have made the water temps much cooler, and the fish are bitting and seem to be fighting harder than normal. Big fish for my boat is now 24 lbs. On September 1st the limits go to 4 salmon per angler per day. Im not really excited about just going out and killing 8 fish every day, I hope I can convince my anglers to be selective about the fish they harvest. I would rather send them home with quality rather than quanity. Lets just hope we can get limits of nice fresh ones.
 We have open dates in September and early October if you want to get in some fall salmon fishing.
Fish On !



The Salmon fishing has slowed for us here on the Trinity River. We went from limits to one or two fish a day in the last week. So Im going to take a week off, recharge my batteries and get ready for the fall run. Next week there will be increased flows to prevent a fish kill in the lower Trinity and Klamath Rivers. The increase will help the fall fish move up river much faster, so we should see fish in just a couple weeks.
Our fall trips are filling up fast for both Salmon and Steelhead fishing.



The Trinity River King Salmon fishing is going great. Most days we are getting limits of brite Kings in the 10 - 15 lb range. Big fish in my boat is just 20 lbs so far , im sure that will go up soon. Also we are averaging one wild Steelhead and a few Browns a day.
The flows will go up in mid August to help prevent a fish kill in the lower Klamath River. The higher flows will be a great help to get those fish into the upper river sooner and they should be fresher.  
Will the fishing remain good through August and early September ? We will have to wait and see, but its looking like it will.
We have openings in August and September for King Salmon fishing.
Fish On !



The Trinity River King Salmon fishing is going great. If your fishing with us in the next couple weeks be sure to bring your ice chest. The fish have been chrome brite most around 10lbs but a few in the high teens, nothing over 20 yet for my boat, but as the flows drop we should start landing some of those big ones. During the high flows we had the river to ourselves, but as it has dropped below 1000 cfs we are seeing more and more boats and bank fishermen.
The other good news is the "flat" fire at Del Loma is under control and most of the fire folks have gone to other fires.
Fish On !